About us

Sol y Tierra Candles is identity, culture, and soul.

The inspiration is drawn from the experiences of the people behind the brand. Betty and Denise are sisters raised in two distinct cultures that shaped who they grew up to be: daughters of Mexican immigrants raised in Los Angeles, California and in Zacatecas, México. Somos de aquí y de allá; we are forever thriving in between. 

We are of this earth, of this land, of these cultures. Existimos entre el sol y la tierra. 

Sol y Tierra Candles caters to people who believe our identities do not and should not fit into a neat box. There is so much space to fill from the sun to the earth, and we deserve to claim that space. 

“Existimos entre el sol y la tierra” means that we can be who we most fervently wish to be, we can make our dreams our reality — and we can shift those dreams and identities at any point because our opportunities are endless and we refuse to be stagnant. 

Our scents are inspired by these very ideas. Shop our candles here.

And remember: your identity is your strength and your opportunities are endless.


Denise and Betty