We're making some changes

Hi, friends:

We're right in the middle of making some changes to Sol y Tierra, and we want to bring you along for them. We all make changes to ourselves every now and then to allow for growth, and this business is no different.

Here's the thing: we launched once we knew we had a great product we were proud of. But we also launched knowing we would eventually want to make some changes to our candles' look because let's be real — neither of us are design gurus, marketing experts, or business geniuses. We're learning as we go, and we're proud of that growth.

So here's what you'll be seeing in coming months:

Change #1: No more Sol y Tierra logo on our candle lids. 

We hand-stamped every single candle lid for months with a custom-made wood stamp. The stamp would slide, overheat, and give us trouble each time we used it (okay, mostly Denise because she did all of the stamps!). While we love the personalized "Sol y Tierra Candles" logo on our lids, it simply doesn't add value to your candles. 

Change #2: Candle labels that are easy to remove.

We want to help you repurpose your containers after you've burned through your candles. With that in mind, we're soon switching to a removable product label so you can easily repurpose. Eco-friendly + sustainable is the way to go 😌🌎

Thank you for supporting this Latina & sister-owned business.  

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