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You'll want CLARIDAD if you're feeling outdoorsy and adventurous during the winter months. If you love camping, do you ever feel a deep sense of clarity when you wake up in the morning during a camping trip to the woods and you step out of your tent into a sea of large, towering trees and misty air? That's the inspiration behind CLARIDAD, which means "clarity" in Spanish. 

Because of the pine scent, this is our most traditionally "holiday-scented" candle. 

Perfect for burning in smaller living spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Burn time: 28+ hours* when following the candle care tips below.

Scent Profile:

  • Top: Champagne, Bergamot
  • Middle: Balsam, Cedar
  • Base: Pine, Juniper, Moss, Patchouli

Choose your candle aesthetic:

  • Frosted white jar with natural wood lid
  • Matte black jar with black wood lid


  • Natural soy wax
  • 4.5 oz net weight
  • Braided cotton lead-free wick
  • Vessels are 3.25" in height and 2.75" in width
  • High-quality fragrance oils free of carcinogens and reproductive toxins